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Harry Potter and the Bad Fanfiction

Sydney Richelieu, Editor

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J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter is possibly the most well-known and popular series in the world, so when the author revealed she would be penning a script for a stage addition to the series, naturally, the entirety of the (wizarding) world responded with great enthusiasm. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was first announced as a London play, but eventually, the news broke that a script of the play would become available to all readers, and has become known as the “eighth Harry Potter.” Unfortunately, despite the incredible hype behind the book’s release, its reviews were less enthusiastic.

The story of The Cursed Child follows Harry’s second son, Albus, as he navigates his first year at Hogwarts. Much like his father, Albus is worried he’ll be sorted into Slytherin, and much to his chagrin, he is. However, while Harry specifically asked the Sorting Hat to be sorted anywhere but Slytherin, Albus accepts the Sorting Hat’s decision. Throughout the play, Albus finds he is quite unlike his father, and begins to hate the comparisons between himself and Harry.

Throughout the years, readers had begun to accept what is known as a “headcanon,” or elements of a fictional story that are accepted by readers, but are not a part of the actual story. The most well-known next generation headcanon for Potterheads is that Albus would become a Gryffindor, remain close with his cousins, and yes, Scorpius Malfoy would still be in love with Rose Weasley. Unfortunately, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child rejects nearly every trope for the next generation of Potter children that fans had accepted over the years, leaving Potterheads confused and uncomfortable.

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Harry Potter and the Bad Fanfiction